“In my opinion, Jimmy is the nation’s best real estate investment instructor. I’ll probably get sued for that statement — but truth is a defense! He is an extremely successful investor in single-family rental houses, mobile home parks, and discounted mortgages. Equally important, Jimmy knows how to teach and share his success experiences with others! If Jimmy can become a multi-zillionaire in his small town of Chipley, Fl, you can use his techniques too. He is the only seminar instructor I know who gives out his home phone number and welcomes investor phone calls.”
Bob Bruss, Nationally syndicated real estate columnist.

“Jimmy’s down-home style, folksy humor, and casual delivery gives an extra motivational boost to those who think they lack the tools for financial success. He has the ability to make the complicated simple.”
Danny Santucci, Nationally known Real Estate and Tax Attorney, California.

“My friend Jimmy Napier is an excellent negotiator. His mind is like a well oiled steel trap. It works so fast you never see it.”
John Schaub, Author of Building Wealth One House at a Time, Making it Big on Little Deals, Buying Right, and the Strategies and Solutions newsletter.

“I’ve watched Jimmy rise to the top of everything he’s been involved in. He does everything really well.”

“Jimmy Napier is truly one of a kind. If you’ve never had a chance to see him in person don’t wait too long. Ask anyone who knows him and they’ll tell you that Jimmy is a force of nature. There has never been anyone quite like him and there never will be again.”

“By the end of [Jimmy’s first] seminar I had taken down 105 paragraphs of information I’d never, ever heard before.”

“I can’t remember a single occasion where Jimmy and I made any deal that he didn’t come out way ahead of me. His seminars have attracted more attendees over the years than anyone else’s.”
Jack Miller, Author of innumerable real estate seminars and books and the Common Wealth Letters newsletter.

“Jimmy will astound you with his refreshing and down to earth explanation of Financial Concepts.”
Broward County Investors Association