Basic Paper Course

Basic Paper Course


Jimmy Napier

No Basic Paper Courses scheduled for 2017.  

The famous Basic Paper Course that Jimmy taught for so many years. Jimmy believes that interest rates will be headed up soon. It is a great time to prepare for the lucrative market of discounted mortgages and trust deeds that Jimmy believes will be coming soon.

This class is intended to teach you the fundamental Financial Concepts you must know to be financially secure in your life.  You will learn about the power of compounding and how it can make you rich or how it can rob great amounts of wealth from you and your family.

If you don’t already know, you will learn how to use a financial calculator.  More importantly you will understand the financial calculator and how it allows you to make financial decisions by comparing the alternatives.  If you already know how to use a financial calculator, don’t worry.  It doesn’t take Jimmy long to get everyone up to speed on the calculator.  So, novice or expert, be sure to bring your financial calculator to the class.  You will likely learn some new tricks.  Jimmy uses and recommends the Hewlett-Packard 10Bii+ or similar calculator.  It’s simple and costs less than $40.  If you already have another financial calculator that’s fine, too.

You will learn the importance of the Future Value of a dollar in relationship to the Time Value of Money.  What did that last car you bought really cost you?  What is the relationship between Risk and Yield?

During this course you will learn about buying and selling income streams.  These most commonly are in the form of promissory notes and referred to as “Paper.”  We will cover the basic step by step discounting of these income streams and how to determine the value.  You’ll learn how to discount balloon notes, interest only notes, double income streams and unconventional paper (wraps, AITD’s, contracts).

Do you want to know where and how to locate discounted paper in your marketplace?  How about alternative ways to buy paper with little or no money.  It’s all here.

Learn about buying paper with paper.  Now you can pay more than anyone else in your area, and earn more at the same time.

After this course you will know how to restructure notes for higher yields, how to buy parts of a note,  how to use step increases in order to eliminate balloons, where to get government certificates that yield eighteen percent.

You’ll even learn how you can retire on $100,000 per year with an investment of only $100 per month.

These financial concepts are not just for buying, selling and investing in notes.  They can be applied in any of your investing or business decisions.  Decisions whether to sell or borrow can be made using these techniques.

Learn about the five bucket concept for managing risk.  Title holding strategies to protect you and your family.  Learn why most people are poor and how to avoid their mistakes.

Who should attend?

Beginning investors, full time investors, homeowners, real estate salespeople and professionals can all benefit from Jimmy’s knowledge on the subject of finance and how to creatively structure purchase and sale of discounted notes.  Anyone who wants to become financial secure and wants to be able to maintain that security throughout their life.

Just $397 per person or $697 for two.

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