Below are lists of links that you might find interesting. Peter Fortunato There is no one better at structuring transactions than Peter. His material is sometimes a little advanced for the beginner, but once you have the basics this is where you’ll learn to really put things together. Gary Johnston Gary Johnston teaches how to “get out of the rat race” and obtain financial freedom.  He also teaches courses that will improve your financial calculator skills. John Schaub The other co-founder of the single family house investment seminar business. John is a great teacher. What ever you do don’t miss his “Making It Big On Little Deals” seminar. This is the premier house buying seminar.

Like Jimmy, every one of these three gentlemen teach from actual experience. If they teach it — they’ve done it. They may not always agree with the best way to do something, but each of their approaches will work.

Each of them care about your success

If you haven’t taken several classes from each of them you have missed some great education.